Wound Filter Cartridges

Precision wound depth filter cartridges are manufactured to give a considerable dirt holding capacity, coupled with high flow rates and low pressure loss.

Wound elements consist of plastic or metal perforated support cores onto which yarn is wound at a pre-set rate, providing each rating of elements with its own distinctive winding pattern and performance.

Although the cartridges are mainly for liquid filtration, they can also be used for gas applications. Wound filter cartridges are most commonly manufactured from polypropylene. Other fibres such as Polyester, Cotton and Nylon operate at higher temperatures and have differing chemical compatibility. For very high temperatures and strong oxidising agents, baked glass fibre elements are used. Other materials such as Ryton are available on request.


  • Protection of absolute filters
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Filter ratings from 0.5 to 100 micron
  • Available with all industry standard end fittings

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